New Member: Jim Taylor

Jim Taylor is Bay Area born and raised. Graduated SF State with a broadcast journalism degree in 1975. A series of on air radio jobs followed.   Mendocino Hawaii Sacramento and eventually KCBS in San Francisco for award winning reporting of all manner of natural and human caused disaster. “If it happened I covered it. Then the CBS network in New York. There, as I like to say, I fell into quite a pot of jam. In addition to usual news duties I covered the entertainment scene. Interviewed the likes of Lou Reed. Reba McEntire. Buddy Guy. Tom Hanks. Robin Williams. Cicely Tyson. Andy so many more. Backstage. Opening night. TONY awards. Times Square New Year’s Eve. Manhattan, baby.”
Taylor wrapped it up with a five year return engagement at KCBS. Since retirement this year he’s been traveling. To see the eclipse. To see The Rolling Stones. To see natural wonders across the West. “I’m pretty adept at photographing and capturing soundscapes of these experiences. And writing about them.”


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