New Member Profile: Bridget Butler-Sullivan

I am a recent college graduate, and with my English degree and BATW membership in hand, I plan to navigate the endlessly changing technological world via writing.
I grew up a river kid out in the foothills of the San Joaquin Valley. A mere hour and a half from Sequoia National Forest, my love for nature and travel was endlessly fed, my feet always sore from hiking, and my eyes constantly in disbelief, even when seeing the same view a million times. Though not a necessarily religious person, my mom’s coining of the Sequoias as “Raw God” resonates. Alas, I find myself drawn always to the grandeur of exploration she speaks of.
I have a strong background in news reporting, technical writing, editing, web content, infographic design, event planning, public relations, and more. Currently, I work in lifestyle and hospitality marketing and love the blend of travel and exploration beholden to the field.
Though born a west coaster, I find my instincts calling me out east, and I have steadfast plans to take on the Big Apple – and the world at large – in the near future. Similarly, though my travels consist largely of Western Europe, I plan to expand these horizons both educationally and professionally.
For now, I reside beside the Pacific in San Luis Obispo, CA – an easy way to keep my eyes on the horizon while still enjoying my home, the Golden State.”


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