BATW Book Festival Booth a Big Success

By Elaine Lee
It was a pleasure and delight to organize my travel writing association’s first booth and presence at the 9th annual Bay Area Book Festival, which was held Sunday the 7th in downtown Berkeley.  I declare the event a success.

It provided us many wonderful opportunities to educate people about the Bay Area Travel Writers Association, swap travel stories with festival attendees, find a few possible new members and several authors were able to sell their books. It was another big step towards meeting our organization’s goal of expanding and diversifying our membership as well as providing a great chance for BATW members to socialize while uplifting the organization on a beautiful sunny day.

Big ups to our association’s president, Matt Eley, for enthusiastically supporting the effort, coordinating the production of our brand spanking new banner and promo literature as well as helping with the set-up of the booth. Special thanks to Jim Shubin for designing our new banner and to Ginny Prior for helping me recruit volunteers! It was a labor of love for me to bring this organizational dream into reality and to coordinate the registration/permit, snacks and the seven volunteers to staff the booth.

Another wonderful opportunity to awaken the global heart!


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One Response

  1. Thanks for your leadership on this one, Elaine! It was fun hanging out with you.