BATW Member Elaine Lee Publishes Eight Pieces for Black History Month

For Black History month 2022, Batw member, Elaine Lee came up with a creative way to celebrate! She wrote eight bio sketches of early African American travel heroes for a Black Travel History website hosted by the Black Travel Alliance (BTA). The site is sponsored by Tripadvisor* and you can click here for the link.

Some of you might remember that  Elaine introduced us to some of these travel heroes in the Black Travel History talk she gave to BATW in August of 2021.

“The History Of Black Travel website has been a year-long project for the Black Travel Alliance and we are really excited to be at this next stage, working with brands like Tripadvisor to amplify and create awareness for lesser-known Black travel stories,” says Ursula Petula Barzey, Research Committee Chair, Black Travel Alliance.

*Tripadvisor is the world’s largest travel guidance platform, helping hundreds of millions of people each month become better travelers, from planning to booking to taking a trip.



Phillis Wheatley, Poet, And Writer Sailed To England



Charles Young, First African American Superintendent Of Federal Parkland



Paul Cuffee Spearheaded The First Black ‘Back To Africa’ Initiative


Martin Robison Delany Led An Exploring Party To Niger Valley To Find A Homeland For African American Repatriation


Mary Fields, First African American Woman Employed As A Stagecoach Mail Carrier




A Narrative Of the Life And Travels Of Mrs. Nancy Prince


Wonderful Adventures of Mrs. Seacole in Many Lands



Guion Stewart Bluford Jr., First African American To Travel To Outer Space


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