BATW Unveils its New Website

By M.T. Eley

In one of the few anticipated highlights of 2020, the Bay Area Travel Writers is proud to launch a new website worthy of its membership, both present and future.

In development since January, the new website is the culmination of a project spearheaded by board member John Williamson and board secretary, M. T. Eley, as well as the numerous suggestions and feedback of the entire board. Developed in partnership with Created By Red.

Visitors to the new site will notice many improvements, aesthetic and logistical. Perhaps the most important: mobile optimization, allowing for a site as legible and pleasing on mobile phones as it is on desktops. This allows for perfect presentation of our members’ accomplishments, affiliations, corporate connections and — critically, in the age of Instagram — photographs.

The website went through several iterations, with an eye towards immediate and intuitive presentation of information valuable to both members and first-time visitors looking to join or view our members’ accomplishments. The site’s color palette draws on the familiar BATW logo, resulting in a site that is at once familiar but cleanly modern.

With this bold online presence set to accompany BATW well into the future, the board reminds all members to increase the value of their own membership by subscribing and sharing to our official Facebook group and Instagram page. As we look ahead to better times for traveling writers, it is reassuring to have a new website that will represent us well wherever we go.


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