BATW Zoom Event Nov. 17: How to Publish on Medium

As travel writers and destination partners, our goal is to reach a wider audience with our work. BATW has its own travel magazine on MEDIUM and is inviting you to a Zoom tutorial to learn how to use this platform to broaden your reach and submit articles to our publication.

What: A Zoom Tutorial on How to Use Medium

WhenNovember 17 at 5:30 p.m.

Where: On Zoom, via your email invitation.

Why: To give your work a wider audience. Contribute to BATW’s online presence 

The Scoop: David Laws and other members of the magazine editorial committee will demonstrate how to open a free account and show you how to create an article with text and images on your own page. You can then submit your story to BATW or any of the thousands of other publications hosted by Medium. As with all online tools there are a few things to learn but this one is easy and you can produce a professional looking result on the first try.


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2 Responses

  1. Easy peasy! David Laws presented an easy-to-follow intro to establishing your own site on, and publishing on the BATW Travel Stories Magazine. The Zoom workshop was recorded — so go for it!

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