Founding Member Patricia Lee Celebrates 95th Birthday and Bouquet from BATW

Here is the letter Patricia Lee sent to BATW after receiving our flowers on Easter Sunday, the day she turned 95:
Dear Bay Area Travel Writers,
Thank you so much for the beautiful pink roses in a sparkling pink vase.  The arrival of the flower arrangement brings memories of another bouquet of roses I once received on the day President Roosevelt passed away.  Businesses were immediately closed, workers were sent home and prayers were made.  I was working in the office at Franklin Hospital in San Francisco when the news was announced and everyone was sent home.  I was amazed to find a bouquet of roses waiting for me on the front porch.  Unbeknownst to me, my husband had been trying to pay any sailor on his ship, the USS Lang, who would be coming to San Francisco to purchase flowers for me on his behalf.  And, for the better part of a year no one would complete the transaction.  Not until Roosevelt passed did I finally receive my sweetheart’s roses.  It meant so much then.  As does, receiving your beautiful roses on Easter Sunday 2020 while shelter in place is in effect.  Thank you for making my 95th birthday so memorable.
Best Regards,
Patricia M. Lee


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