From the President: Honoring the Grande Dame of Travel Writing

Dear BATW:
I was so pleased to hear from Georgia Hesse. Those who knew she had a broken hip were concerned about her, and appreciative of her contributions to the BATW over the years and to the BATW book of 2020.  The executive committee of the BOD sent her a very nice bouquet which she immensely appreciated in a gracious note and phone call.
She wrote, in part:  “Today while I was out with my sister acting as chauffeur (I have a broken hip under care), someone delivered a delicious bouquet of summery flowers just right for our dinner table, signed from BATW.  Please know how delighted I am! ”
Meanwhile, in spite of that broken hip, Georgia has read the contenders for and chosen the winners for the newly-created Georgia Hesse Prize in the BATW book of 2020.
We will celebrate the book and prize at our December holiday party — we hope! One way or another, we honor Georgia!  And as we heard from her on Bastille Day:  Viva La Georgia!
*Here is the youtube video of Hesse’s interview, last month, on KPFA’s “Stories From Our Elders” produced by Peter Stickney



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