Go East, Young Man

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Board member Matthew Eley (now wishfully going by the nom de plume M. T. Eley) left California a month ago much as he came to it: suddenly. Spurred by an opportunity offered to his girlfriend to dance professionally at a ballet company at a time when California companies are shut down, Matthew has moved to Roanoke, Virginia. He reports that bars are (half) open, opportunities to write are plenty and forests are not on fire. In addition to these improvements, he was offered the chance to edit two local newspapers. Virginia is well-worth the 72 hours in a car with Winston the cat, although he recommends flying.

Happily, flights from the Roanoke airport to SFO are numerous and affordable, so he plans on attending future BATW events in-person when that is an option, alongside other engagements in Baghdad-by-the-Bay. He is honored to continue being a part of the BATW board, even if it is as the ambassador to the Appalachians.



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