In Memoriam: John Hamilton

By Stephanie Levin
Many in BATW knew or were long-time friends or acquaintances of John Hamilton, who hosted  KGO’s “On the Go” weekend  travel-show for 33 years of his 65 years in radio. John passed away on May 26th, 2020, two months after his retirement from KGO. He is survived by his two sons and grandchildren whom he adored.
For the KGO radio community, it’s a loss as it is for those of us who were lucky enough to often see and chat with John at so many BATW or travel events throughout the years and his long career.
Canadian by birth, John loved radio and was an avid traveler. He hosted shows and interviews from all parts of the globe. An outdoor enthusiast,  John won numerous outdoor writing awards;  was an avid skier covering three Olympics as well as World Cup events on radio.  But for those of us who were gifted with his friendship,  we knew John as perhaps one of the most upbeat and positive individuals to walk this earth; a Cary Grant kind of gentleman.  John always had a smile and a funny story to recount. He once told me an amusing story about his then   elderly mother.  She was off to Italy with a tour group only to fall for a man on her trip. Telling the story with zest, laughter and a glass of champagne, John said, “Oh, I ‘m here imagining my mother falling for some suave Italian, and it worried me because my dear old mom isn’t exactly the worldly type…, but as it turned out, it was a Canadian she fell in love with. What a relief!” laughed John.
John’s energy, good will and wit  toward his fellow writers and friends was infectious , and he will be missed by so many of us who were graced with his friendship over the year.


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2 Responses

  1. I am so sorry to hear about John’s passing. He’s one of the few long-time members, and I will miss his big smile and big energy.