"Making Money in Travel Journalism – The 10 Commandments" – by Kristine Carber

“Money: Making It In Travel Journalism – The 10 Commandments”

by Kristine Carber
1)    Establish a relationship with the editor
2)    Submit more than one idea at a time (If you don’t like this, then maybe you’ll like this)
3)    Read the publication faithfully so you know what format the editor prefers: roundups, first person, destination
4)    Maintain high standards in your work: fact check, use original work, meet deadlines
5)    Be positive. Tell the editor how great the article looks when it appears in print
6)    Offer to write a column. Gives you an ongoing outlet and provides content for the editor
7)    Spin off published articles by tweaking or updating stories for other publications
8)    Publish a book: establishes you as expert
9)    Persevere. Watch the masthead for new editors. If the first one didn’t like your idea, the next one might
10) Network, go to travel conferences, join member organizations like BATW (you’re ahead of the game here) and SATW


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