“Day Trip: Pasadena” — by Jennie Nunn

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Jennie Nunn's fun article about Pasadena ran in "Sunset" magazine in March, 2010. She included lots of tidbits such as what it's famous for (Craftsman-style homes, the Rose Bowl), what it should be famous for (Albert Einstein lived there), unexpected shopping locations and "3 more Pasadena surprises."

“Sausalito: Beauty & the Bay” — by Don & Ann Jackson

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Don and Ann Jackson's lovely homage to Sausalito, "Sausalito: Beauty and the Bay," ran in the May, 2010, issue of "San Joaquin" magazine. It begins: "This eclectic community with over 200 art galleries and shops combine with those breathtaking views has always had an almost magnetic draw. An astonishing list of top-notch lodging choices, highly touted restaurants and a cornucopia of intriguing activities abound. . . . "

“The Real Alaska” — by Nancy Hoyt Belcher

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Nancy Hoyt Belcher's article "The Real Alaska" was published in the March, 2010, issue of "Highways" Magazine. Her story begins: "After years of feeling jealous when friends raved about their bear sightings in Alaska, I finally had my turn. And what a turn—not just a chance sighting where the bear is a speck on the horizon but frequent close-up encounters. When I reached the Anan Wildlife Observatory viewing shelter, a mother black bear was rubbing her shoulder against the trunk of a Sitka spruce less than 10 feet from the stairs to the platform while her cub peered down from an overhead branch. . . . "

“Of Travel, Food, and Photography” at the Book Passage Conference — by Georgia Hesse

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Georgia Hesse writes: "Look back about two decades, if you will, and focus upon Italy, up in the northeast corner where floats lovely Lake Garda, not far from better-known Lake Como. See: there on the eastern shore, that charming village of Torri del Benaco? Recognize anybody? Yes, of course. There by the water sit Elaine and Bill Petrocelli, owners of Book Passage in faraway Corte Madera, California, down from their house in the walled, hilly hamlet of Albisano. They sip a little something red; perhaps a glass of Bardolino from the town down the road. What are they talking about, do you think? Did you hear the word “conference”? Very possibly. . . . "

“Across Russia on the Trans-Siberian Railroad” by Bill Fink

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"Congratulations," again to Bill Fink, whose story "“Across Russia on the Trans-Siberian Railroad” won the Gold Award in the "Best Newspaper Article" category of the 2010 BATW BEST Awards. The article originally ran in the San Francisco Chronicle on Nov. 30, 2008, and begins: "Aboard the Trans-Siberian Railroad -- The Chechnya war veteran barged into my rail car cabin, flashing an evil grin. The old tractor driver followed him, cradling a brown paper bag and a stained metal cup. They pulled a bottle of vodka from the bag. The cap came off, and it wouldn't go back on again. I knew the drill. . . . "

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