Lee Foster Photography Award – Submission Deadline Extended until September 15

The deadline for submissions for the first-ever Lee Foster Photography Award has been extended to September 15.

We have received some very strong entries for the first Lee Foster Travel Photography Award — shots taken all over the world, from Antarctica to Iceland, from Croatia to  Japan, from South Africa to Canada.There are great wildlife shots, interiors, profile photos, landscapes, the whole gamut.
But we are greedy for more – and so we have decided to extend the deadline for the contest to September 15th. Please follow the submission instructions below — those who have followed these instructions have generally found it straightforward. We will acknowledge receipt of all entries.
Also: save the date: We will be announcing the win, place and show, and the honorable mentions, on Wednesday, November 3rd, from 5-7 PST. We are planning to host a live event at Oakland’s new Moxy Hotel, along with a Zoom event — a virtual and live event. (And will be monitoring developments as we go forward to see if it still makes sense to have a live component along with the Zoom one.)


The competition is open only to BATW members.

Revised Method of submitting photos  

Please read and follow these instructions when submitting your photos:

  • Enter a maximum of three photos.
  • Do not submit photos that have previously won any kind of award or that have previously appeared in a BATW publication. (Photos that appear only on the BATW website or in our online magazine, BATW Travel Stories, may be submitted.)
  • The submitted photos should be high-resolution with a minimum width of 2,000 pixels, and should omit any watermarks.
  • Actual file size may not exceed 10MB and must have a file extension .jpg or .jpeg. Please double-check the file size and file type of your photograph before sending.
  •  —————————————————————————————————————————
  • Create a folder with your name on it and place the photos in the folder
  • When you are ready to submit, go to the photo transfer site
  • On the welcome notice, click the I Agree  button to accept their terms of service
    • Click on select a folder on the (+) button and select your “named” folder and then select upload.
    • The email to address leefosteraward@batw.org is already filled in.
    • Enter your email address on the line below – Your Email
    • For the Message enter from your NAME  ( for example “from Jane Smith” if your name is Jane Smith)
    • Click the Transfer button
    • You will then get a security message to verify your email address
    • Go to your email inbox and look for an email from WeTransfer
    • In the email you will see a  verification code – copy the code and enter the verification code and click the verify button.
    • The transfer will then take place and when completed you will see a You’re Done message and an acknowledgement email message in your inbox.
    • ——————————————————————————————————————-

Once you’ve completed the WeTransfer submission, send a separate email to leefosteraward@batw.org ( NOTE .org NOT .com ) that includes:  

  • A pseudonym you’d like to use for the competition (pseudonym is used for folders sent to the judges )
  • The location where each photo was shot
  • (Optional) A short caption – no more than one brief paragraph — for each photo

Note: The captions will not be sent to the judges, and will only be displayed with the photo if it wins a prize or honorable mention.

If you are having difficulty figuring out how to submit your work, please email Jim Shubin, jim@shubindesign.com, or Alec Scott, alec@alecscott.com, for help.

Once you’ve submitted your photos, they will be sent to a panel of five distinguished judges: Timothy Archibald, Morton Beebe, Sabine K. Bergmann, Robert Holmes and Catherine Karnow. All of them are contributing their time to us pro bono. One of them, Bob Holmes, was to have lunch with Lee in the week after his unexpected passing. We will be sending out their bios separately at a later date. The group includes some of the nation’s most outstanding photographers (as well as a leading writer-editor), all of them widely recognized leaders in this field.

The judges will review the submissions with a view to awarding a first prize ($125), a second prize ($50), a third prize ($25), and honorable mentions (bragging rights) as they see fit. All winning photos will be featured on the BATW website. We’re proud of the great work done by our members and want to show it off!

November 3, at a special Lee Foster Photography Award event, we’ll be announcing the winners.

The committee working on pulling this inaugural award together includes Madeleine Adkins, Bob Cooper, Alec Scott, Jim Shubin, and John Williamson. Please feel free to direct questions or concerns you have to any of us.


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