Lee Foster Photography Award – Call for Submissions

We’re pleased to announce the opening of submissions for the first-ever Lee Foster Photography Award. After Lee died last July, BATW’s board voted to establish an award honoring him – a competition to be offered every other year. We’re launching the award this year, and the competition is now open for submissions. Please submit your travel-related photos by September 1st, 2021.

For those (few) of you who did not personally know Lee, Ginny Prior’s tribute to him, which announced the creation of this award, will provide you with a sense of the man and the reason that this prize has been established:


From the earliest days of BATW, Lee Foster’s generosity for sharing his craft drew others to him. A prolific writer with an artist’s eye for taking photographs, Lee contributed to dozens of newspapers and magazines nationwide. He was a pioneer in monetizing travel writing and photography on the internet, amassing a catalog of destination articles and photographs that generated an enviable source of ongoing revenue. He was always willing to share with his colleagues ways to generate income online, something that we were especially grateful to him for when publications began cutting their budgets. Lee’s love of travel and his Midwestern kindness – what hometowners called ‘Minnesota Nice’ – are the inspiration for the Lee Foster Photography Award, a biennial award to be given to photographers in our organization who embody Lee’s talent and generosity of spirit.


The competition is open only to members.



 Method of submitting photos is under review due to technical issues re WeTransfer

– Pls do not submit at present
– Instructions will be modified


Please read and follow these instructions when submitting your photos:

  • Enter a maximum of three photos.
  • Do not submit photos that have previously won any kind of award or that have previously appeared in a BATW publication. (Photos that appear only on the BATW website may be submitted.)
  • The submitted photos should be high-resolution with a minimum width of 2,000 pixels, and should omit any watermarks.
  • Actual file size may not exceed 10MB and must have a file extension that is either .jpg or .jpeg. Please double-check the file size and file type of your photograph before sending.
  • When you are ready to submit, go to the photo transfer site wetransfer.com. Register for an account if you don’t already have one, and go through the site introduction. (A basic account is free.)
  • Once you’re in WeTransfer, add and submit your photos:
    • Select the Add your files (+) button
    • Select the file you want to add
    • Select Open. You can repeat this twice, for up to a total of three photos
    • When you’re ready to submit, enter the following email address on the Email to line: leefosteraward@batw.org
    •      –NOTE .org NOT .com–
    • In the Your email box, enter your own email address (not necessary if it’s already listed)
    • Select the Transfer button

Once you’ve completed the WeTransfer submission, send a separate email to leefosteraward@batw.org that includes:

  • A pseudonym you’d like to use for the competition
  • The location where each photo was shot
  • (Optional) A short caption – no more than one brief paragraph — for each photo


Note: The captions will not be sent to the judges, and will only be displayed with the photo if it wins a prize or honorable mention.

If you are having difficulty figuring out how to submit your work, please email Jim Shubin, jim@shubindesign.com, or Alec Scott, alec@alecscott.com, for help.

Once you’ve submitted your photos, they will be sent to a panel of five distinguished judges: Timothy Archibald, Morton Beebe, Sabine K. Bergmann, Robert Holmes and Catherine Karnow. All of them are contributing their time to us pro bono. One of them, Bob Holmes, was to have lunch with Lee in the week after his unexpected passing. We will be sending out their bios separately at a later date. The group includes some of the nation’s most outstanding photographers (as well as a leading writer-editor), all of them widely recognized leaders in this field.

The judges will review the submissions with a view to awarding a first prize ($125), a second prize ($50), a third prize ($25), and honorable mentions (bragging rights) as they see fit. All winning photos will be featured on the BATW website. (An exception can be made if a photographer does not wish their photo to be featured on the site.) We’re proud of the great work done by our members and want to show it off!

Later this fall, at a special Lee Foster Photography Award event, we’ll be announcing the winners.

The committee working on pulling this inaugural award together includes Madeleine Adkins, Bob Cooper, Alec Scott, Jim Shubin, and John Williamson. Please feel free to direct questions or concerns you have to any of us.





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