Lee Foster wins 2010 Rebecca Bruns Award

Lee Foster

“The Rebecca Bruns Award is awarded biannually by Bay Area Travel Writers to one of its members whose dedication, both personally and professionally, has had a significant influence on fellow travel writers and their profession. Naturally, outstanding success is part of the equation, but it is not enough to say that the individual’s professional achievements are laudatory. More than that, the award recognizes originality, individuality and most of all, generosity in giving back to the writing community.
The 2010 Rebecca Bruns Award recipient is longtime BATW member Lee Foster. Lee’s forward thinking, his dedication to professional development and education and his generosity as a teacher and mentor place him in the forefront of travel journalism today. BATW honors Lee with this recognition for his many contributions to the BATW membership and to the travel writing industry.
Congratulations, Lee Foster.”


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