May 4 Event: I Phone Photo Workshop

Many travel journalists are relying on their iPhones these days, rather than carrying bulky cameras. This free workshop, arranged by Co-president Ruth Carlson exclusively for BATW members, is designed to improve your iPhone photography skills. Apple experts will lead us on a walk around Union Square helping us discover a new point of view on photographing buildings, architectural details, and structures with your iPhone or iPad. 

Devices will be provided or bring your own and this is recommended for all skill levels. They’ll show you how to combine angles and lines to create perspective, add textures and shapes, and set the composition. Apple Union Square is one of only three Apple stores in the nation that leads these tours.

BATW members will have an optional happy hour to follow at Starlite, Beacon Hotel, (formerly St. Francis)  one cocktail and appetizers, $5.00 a person. Look for your invitation by email and sign up today!





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One Response

  1. This sounds really fun, and I’m sorry to miss it because I will be at a conference. I hope BATW offers something similar again.