May Issue of BATW Magazine Sizzles Ahead of Summer

Welcome two new writers to the list of contributors to BATW’s online magazine of Stories of Culture Travel & the World. Alec Scott tells about a group visit to a lakeside lodge in Oregon and Inga Aksamit describes what it’s like to grow up as a “globe-trotting, third-culture kid.”  Friend links to all new stories published in the May issue are posted here.

Our goal for the magazine was to create a resource for members who wish to share stories they have written that have yet to find a good home, for content previously published in hard copy that continues to have evergreen value, and as a showcase for BATW. A year ago, when we started the project we expected this to take a couple or more years. With this issue, the total reaches 96,  I thank our pioneering editorial board of April, Erin, Karen, and Lee for their ongoing service and welcome new editors Carol Canter and Bob Cooper, who has promised a helping hand beginning in June.

Your editors for June are Erin and Lee, so keep those great stories coming.  Existing writers can submit their material directly to the publication for review; new writers please email your idea to  Click here for Submission Guidelines. The requested deadline is the 10tth of the prior month but, depending on the workload, we may be able to accept later submissions.


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One Response

  1. Climb aboard members — who can turn down a great outlet for evergreen articles that haven’t seen the light of day for a while? and for those essays/memoirs that you would love to see published.