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Here are just some of our members’ achievements in the final months of 2020:


Amy Sherman has assumed the role of editor in chief of Alcohol Professor. This is in addition to her role as editor in chief of Cheese Professor. An acclaimed food and beverage writer, Sherman is still writing for other outlets and had a story in the December issue of Where Traveler about food trucks in San Francisco.

April Orcutt has won a Merit Award in the 2021 SATW Bill Muster Photo Competition. Her entry in the Action/Adventure Category shows a hot-air balloon with a basket full of 16 people drifting just above the Serengeti Plain in Tanzania — with all the people looking one direction while 20 feet behind them an antelope scampers away. See the photo here:

Inga Aksamit has been awarded first place in the Best Outdoor Guidebook category for the 2020 Excellence in Craft Awards by the Outdoor Writers Association of California (OWAC) for “The Hungry Spork Trail Recipes: Quick Gourmet Meals for the Backcountry.”

The book contains over 50 recipes representing every major cuisine in the world. Inga created the recipes using freeze-dried or dehydrated ingredients and all were trail tested by a fleet of backpackers. The recipes are popular with backcountry enthusiasts including backpackers, hikers, paddlers, campers and others who desire instant, flavorful, nutritious meals that can be made quickly with nothing more than a hot water soak. “The Hungry Spork Trail Recipes” is available on Amazon in digital and print versions.




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2 Responses

  1. Congratulations to Amy for her new role in the food writing field, to April for her SATW Bill Muster Photo Competition award for her thought-provoking image of the hot-air balloon and the antelope. And to Inga for her first place award by the Outdoor Writers of California for her unique and useful cookbook. I know that all three projects required an enormous amount of effort and dedication to crafting their skills to achieve these impressive achievements and awards.