Two BATW Members Launch Books at Book Passage in June

Laurie McAndish King and Diane Lebow have books debuting in June and BATW members are invited to their launch parties.
Laurie McAndish King’s new book, An Elephant Ate My Arm: More True Stories from a Curious Traveler, will debut on Saturday, June 12 at 2:00 at Book Passage in Corte Madera. Although she cannot arrange for an actual elephant to be present, Laurie says there will definitely be snacks, adult beverages, and Cuban salsa music (possibly dance lessons, too).
Please RSVP here so Book Passage can have the right amount of refreshments awaiting when you arrive!
Perfect for summer reading, the book is packed with tales about some of the world’s most marvelous places:
  • A man-eating lake on a Caribbean island
  • The forest home of a three-eyed cannibal
  • The dizzying Grand Medina in Tripoli, Libya
  • A Cuban village plastered with wild mosaics
  • A portal—in the heart of San Francisco—to the Uncanny Valley
  • The perfect site for watching eagle sex
  • And many more…
Even better, conversations with the people Laurie meets raise all kinds of interesting questions—about free will, domestication, compressing time, body image, extinction, memento mori, and rewriting history.
Order An Elephant Ate My Arm from Book Passage, other indie booksellers, or Amazon. You can use the Book Passage link to order now, and then pick up your copy at the launch party.
Please note: A computer glitch has affected An Elephant Ate My Arm‘s description in retail listings, insisting that it is LARGE PRINT when that is NOT the case. Feel free to order from any retailer, knowing you will receive a regular paperback, not a large-type version. It’s also available as an ebook.

Diane Lebow’s new book, “Dancing on the Wine Dark Sea: Memoir of a trailblazing woman’s travels, adventures, and romance” will have its book launch at Book Passage, Corte Madera, July 10 at 2 p.m. It will be one of their first events on their re-opened outdoor patio. Food, drinks, and fun!

Diane is also a guest speaker for the Gold Country Writers Association on June 16, at 10 a.m. Zoom at Topic: “A Trailblazing Woman’s Tales of Travel, Adventure, and Romance: from life to the page.”


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