Category: New Members

Anne is author of the newly-released book  “Part-Time Nomads, Traveling the World by Bicycle”
Maria and her photographer mom travel the world as social media influencers.
Chrisie is among the top 10 Most Influential Women of the Sierra Nevada
Nicole Shearer is the Director of Public Relations for KPS3.
Kahja is also the creator and host of the As Told By Podcast, where she interviews Bay Area notables.
Nicole specializes in writing about her favorite city — San Francisco.
Debbie is a restaurant entrepreneur with a flair for writing about food and wine.
Laura is a Smithsonian travel correspondent and contributes regularly to Conde Nast Traveler and other outlets.
Sheree is the newest member of the BATW Editors Council.
Lalit writes a monthly column in ‘India Currents’ magazine.