Category: New Members

Linda is a seasoned PR professional living in San Luis Obispo.
Andrew has two hospitality-related companies, including the highly-regarded AF&C.
Jennifer is one of several members of the new Editors Council.
Zephyr United is based out of Montana and runs ‘unforgettable’ tours.
David writes about food, the arts, entertainment, travel and hospitality for the San Francisco Bay Times. 
Faith is a recognized expert on marginalized travelers and her column on Black Travel appears weekly in the Miami Herald.
As a trusted voice in family travel, Shelly’s been quoted in numerous publications.
Brandy is a correspondent for Oakland Voices, and writes for Thrillist, Chronicle Datebook, SF Weekly and a number of other publications.
Jeneé is the host and executive producer of KALW’s award-winning podcast Sights & Sounds.